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Optimize Your Life

You deserve to live an interesting and fulfilling life that includes everything that’s important to you. No matter what your past or current situation may be, you can optimize your life. My proven and effective techniques of Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Advanced Personal Development Coaching will help you achieve this right now. I’m here for your total success.


I work with individuals one-on-one in my office or on-site for people seeking privacy, mentoring and personalized service. I also work with groups, both in person and via teleconference. I provide both personal and executive coaching and I offer live seminars and workshops. Your organization can bring me for in-service training via teleconference or I can come to your conference room or work retreat.

Lasting Change and Personal Development

I will help you quickly eliminate unwanted behavior, develop confidence, improve professional and creative performance, achieve satisfying relationships and gain peace in life by finding meaning, security, purpose and direction.

I met with Dan online via Skype and he put me right at ease. He is skilled, intuitive, professional and compassionate.

As someone who has a hard time sticking to a plan and with procrastination, the hypnosis sessions with Dan really helped me to get started and stick with the diet and exercise plan we discussed.

Micah B., Thailand

Dan, since our coaching session, life is all around much better. I really appreciate the work you did with me. I feel like I gained clarity and was able to make some profound shifts for the better.

Laurie A., Philadelphia

Dan is a great communicator and enabled me to identify what I really wanted to get from our sessions. I’m an artist/writer who was experiencing “blocks” due to fear and anxiety. After our first session I was motivated to work, completed a project and ready to start another. Seeing Dan a couple of times, I have been able to maintain motivation and focus and feel successful in my ability to create.

Iris K., Philadelphia
In just two short weeks after one session with Dan I find myself full of energy and excited for life, relaxed, and hustling in business while experiencing greater harmony with my girlfriend.

In contrast we spoke at a time when I was feeling depressed and desperate, overwhelmed and hopeless on the call. Dan helped me to see the positive in my situation and directed my focus into that vortex.

Truly magical!

Daniel S., Australia
I’ve worked with Dan off and on for a year. The effect he’s had on my anxiety and OCD has been absolutely remarkable, especially since his method is drug free.
MP., Attorney

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